Chocolate Pudding, the Victorian way

Hi all,

As promised I have brought to you another recipe from our fabulous Mrs. Avis Crocombe herself. Today’s recipe is for all the chocolate lovers out there – it’s the Steamed Chocolate Pudding. Yet another recipe freshly steamed from the kitchen of the 17th century prodigy house the Audley End by Mrs. Avis Crocombe. The English has always claimed the pudding as part of their heritage. There are many theories and stories about how the pudding came to be called so and which were the first puddings etc (you can google all of that while your Chocolate Pudding is cooking) but I found a different “Pudding” story to share with you. Have you heard of the “Pudding lane” in London? Well it is this Pudding Lane where the Great Fire of London started in 1666. Only one fith of London was left standing. However London and the Londoners recovered from it. On a happier side of things it was this Pudding Lane which was the world’s first One way streets and an idea that was not copied for another 200 years.

For now let us enjoy the Chocolate Pudding for which you will need :


  1. Chocolate
  2. Bread Crumbs
  3. Milk
  4. Butter
  5. Caster sugar
  6. Eggs


Melt the chocolate and butter together then add the bread crumbs and the milk. Stir it untill it gets thick and remove from fire.

Next cook the egg yolks and sugar together over low heat until the sugar dissolves stiring constantly.

Now add the egg mix and the chocolate mix together. Take the egg whites and whisk them well once done fold it into the previous mixture. Since this is a steamed chocolate pudding line a pudding basin with butter and pour the mixture into it. Place a brown paper or butter papper over the pudding and cover the whole thing with a muslin cloth or you could use a container with a lid too.

Place the basin or the container in a pot with water half way up the size of your container and secure it with a lid. Steam it for an hour. Once steamed you can serve it either hot or cold, either way its delicious.

I made this a couple of days back and it tasted heavenly. To make it look fancy you can always decorate the pudding with white chocolate, cream or anything that pleases you.

I served it hot with vanilla ice cream and the pudding tasted and smelt so rich. I can guarantee you that the aroma of this pudding will fill your kitchen for hours. The steamed chocolate pudding tastes absolutely delicious if served cold too. If at all there are any leftovers you can try it.

Happy reading, Happy cooking!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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