“My Fascination for Food”

Hi All,

I decided to start my blog ‘Look back in time’ when I realised we can time travel into the past through food. Food has always been a passion for me. We all know that recipes for generations have been passed down in families and each family has their own secrets and taste and ingredients, but like culture most of these recipes get adapted to the time and health of the people as they travel from one hand to the other. We substitute many “not so healthy” ingredients with the more “healthy” options available in the market today. But but but….. all food lovers or foodies out there would know that the extra drizzle of oil and the smell of full fat butter on our plate is no sin . However with all the variations we some where lose the authenticity of the age old recipes. Though it is perfectly fine to eat healthy, I just wanted to share that we can still cook many, rather all the dishes exactly the same way as they were eaten a hundred years ago. You will be amazed at how splendidly these cuisines adapt to our modern kitchen. I’ll share a little incident that happened with me at a super market one time. I had come across a recipe which got me really excited and I wanted to recreate it, so I made a list of the ingredients and went out to get them. At the store I could not find the full fat butter (mind you both the milk and butter had to be full fat for the recipe) and called for the shop assistant to help me, now this person knew me as I worked there part-time (you know all students need that extra cash when living and studying abroad ), when I told him what I was looking for he stared at me and in a very surprising tone (rather loudly) he asked “you need full fat butter? Why? It’s not healthy at all you know!!!!”. Then he led me to the last refrigerator in the aisle and there it was in the last shelf right at the bottom. He saw my curious expression at the choice of place and explained, “no one buys them you see, that is why they are here”.

Well at the end of the day nothing better than a good plate of comfort food.

You will realise that my blog is all about connecting food with the past era and as promised I will share about Mrs. Avis Crocombe the cook at the Audley End House, England and also about Mrs. Elizabeth Raffald. The latter being a celebrated author along with being the housekeeper to the Warburton baronets at Arley Hall, Cheshirein in the 1700’s while the former was a more humble cook but recently a book where Mrs. Crocombe wrote her recipes and took notes in the kitchen was discovered, and it is like a treasure box full of jewels for us. Along with that I will also publish recipes from around the world which have extraordinary stories around them. While some recipes were formed accidently others were the result of multiple experiments and then again some cuisines were actually born in one place however got popularity in the other side of the world…….. so hold tight while I take you time travelling!!

Happy reading, Happy cooking!!